Bose B2 – New Hire Stock

Bose B2 – New Hire Stock This week we have added the Bose B2 to our hire list, there are great compact sub woofers featuring 2 10″ Speakers. They are great for smaller venues where you still want a punchy sound. The Bose B2 subwoofer package is a perfect addition to any existing sound system. These Bass modules can be used to add a punchy bass and low-end sound to any existing sound system. These subs can be used as single units or similarly as a dual stacked unit, these subwoofers will add the punch needed in any sound setup These Bass modules are great passive units allowing for just a single cable for each speaker. This means a simple yet equally quick, and easy setup. These speakers also feature a bass level adjustment switch. This switch means they can be independently adjusted depending on event circumstances or individual venue needs. This package also includes the QSC GX5 amplifier. Which is a powerful and highly capable amp specifically designed and built to drive these Subwoofer units. Take a look at these Bose bass modules in more detail by clicking here. Or alternatively, take a look at our other subwoofers and top speakers by clicking here. If you’d like to view the product in further detail: Click here We also have a Bose package available with the Bose 802. This package is available to view here: Click here

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