New Lighting and Sound Hire Kit

We have been very quiet on our blog posts recently but have been extremely busy. Throughout July we have added a large array of lighting and sound equipment available to hire. We have been doing several events with Scott’s Sounds and for various theatres. Alongside this we’ve added Martin Mac 700’s, Chauvet Colorado LEDS, JBL SRX 835P and SRX 828S alongside much more.


The JBL SRX 835P is the big brother to the 815P and 812P providing the biggest sound of the speaker’s family. Boasting an impressive frequency range from an impressive 33Hz to 20KHz making these speakers perfect by themselves or equally paired with any other speaker from the family to produce an impressive sound.

Take a deep look into these speakers by clicking here or similarly take a look at our range of speaker systems and solutions by clicking here.

We use these speakers within our promotional content as they provide a very impressive sound signature and simply make any rig look bigger. Paired with the JBL SRX 828SP, this system creates an unrivaled sound space and sound signature, producing crystal clear top sounds, clear, concise mids, in addition to punchy low bass. The JBL SRX 835P. are perfect to cut through any event no matter the location or size. As a part of the SRX family, these speakers additionally feature networking integration. This allows for control through the SRX Connect app for Android and iPad allowing for full wireless control as well as sound space adaptation and creation. We built a large setup this July consisting of 8 JBL SRX 828SP and 4 JBL SRX 835P and it packed a punch!

Inputs and outputs of the JBL SRX 835P.

  • 2 XLR inputs
  • 2 XLR link outputs
  • XLR Mix output
  • RJ45 network port
  • IEC power input

This package includes:

  • 2 JBL SRX 835P
  • 2 JBL SRX 835 Covers
  • 1 Neutrik Dual XLR to 3.5mm Jack
  • 2 3M XLR Cables

Mac 700 Profile:

Martin Mac 700 Profile is an industry staple piece of kit, providing a powerful, bright, and narrow beam. These lights are perfect for theatre, festival, or corporate use. Their sturdy robust design makes them one of the strongest and long-lasting fixtures we provide. Perfect for adding professionalism, style, and flair to any event. This July we have added a large array of this popular fixture to our hire stock.

Take a look at these fixtures more in-depth by clicking here or alternatively take a look at our full range of moving lights by clicking here.

As one of our main fixtures, we have used the Mac 700 Profiles in all manner of situations including live theatrical events, music events, and promotional content. These fixtures provide a level of reliability hard to find in similar lights. Either as a centerpiece of an event or similarly slung on a lighting bar out of the way, these fixtures provide a brilliant spotlight capability no matter the venue. In our promotional content, these lights are one of our focus, CenterPoint lights due to their reliability and versatility.

Inputs and outputs of the Mac 700 profile:

  • 3 pin DMX input
  • 3 pin DMX output
  • 5 pin DMX input
  • 5 pin DMX output
  • 16A Hard wired power input

Colorado Par:

Chauvet COLORado 1 Tour is a compact, bright LED par light, perfect for tight out of the way areas, perfect as an uplighter or as a stage wash. 42 LED’s allow for full RGBW colour mixing allowing for over 16 million colour options. Featuring slave, DMX, and preset modes meaning full creative control for both professionals and anyone not confident in lighting alike.

Take a look at these fixtures in more detail by clicking here. Or similarly to view the rest of our LED lighting stock by clicking here.

We have used the COLORado 1 Tour’s on a number of outdoor events throughout June and July to add an extra level of colour and flair. On basic modes such as pre-set effects, even the most boring of rooms, events and venues can be brought to another level. The robust, heaveyweight design makes these lights perfect for outdoor, archetectal and exterior lighting effects. These fixtures are easy to slot into any rig, venue or event with ease, taking up a maximum of only 11 DMX cahnnels.

Inputs and outputs of the COLORado 1 Tour:

  • 3 Pin DMX input
  • 3 Pin DMX output
  • Powercon input
  • Powercon Link out

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