Unique 2.1, DMX Splitters and Neutrik Tails!

It’s been a very busy November for HS-Hire so far. We’ve added the Unique 2.1 Hazers to our stock, alongside our DMX splitters. We have had lots of hires going out with a huge hire for a local Pantomime. We’ve added custom tails to the bottom of all our Neutrik XLR cables, colour coded based on length!

Unique 2.1 Hazer

The Unique 2.1 Hazer is definitely a beast of a haze machine, boasting a 2 litre fluid tank, 99 step variable output density, and up to 50 hours of continuous output from a single tank. Unique is a rugged and powerful haze, filling a room in mere minutes with anything from a light mist to a thick fog type haze. The variable density output makes this the perfect hazer to hide at any event.

Take a look at these hazers in more depth by clicking here. Or similarly, take a look at our full range of effects options by clicking here.

We have most recently used these hazers on our local pantomime with November our large promotional content rigs. With their low profile and constant output, these hazers are perfect to hideaway in any rig.

8 Port DMX Splitter

This November we’ve heavily invested into Control and purchased DMX Splitters & Nodes.

The Showtec 8 Port DMX Splitter is a great and efficient splitter whilst still being a great value for money.

Take a deeper look into the details of the 8 Port DMX Splitter by clicking here, or alternatively take a look at our other effects fixtures and items by clicking here.

The Showtec 8 Port DMX Splitter (DB models) from Showtec are universal DMX-512 optical splitters. They are designed to distribute the incoming DMX signal. In daisy chain configurations, into multiple separate outputs with an additional –Tru” port. The 8 Port DMX Splitte can be mounted in any 19″ rack or into the truss by the M10 nut on the rear end of the unit. It has clear LEDs to show the DMX signal status of each output and input. DB-1-8 which has 8 outputs with 3P XLR connectors.

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