grandMA3 Light – MA3D and WYSIWYG Studio

Rose Bruford SU Rave

We’ve rented out the MA Lighting grandMA3 Light for 2 weeks to create our very own MA3D and WYSIWYG Studio. Along side this are providing a huge lighting and sound rig consisting of:

– 8 Martin Mac Aura XB
– 8 Chauvet Rogue R3 Spot & Chauvet Rogue R3X Wash
– 4 Chauvet Intimidator Hybrid 140SR
– 4 ADJ Fog Fury Jet
– 18 ADJ Element HexIP
– 3 Martin Atomic Strobes
– 3 Martin Atomic Colour Scrollers
– 6 Martin Rush Par 2
– 16 Chauvet COLORado 2-Quad Zoom IP
– 1 grandMA3 Light

– 4 JBL SRX 828SP
– 2 JBL SRX 835P
– 4 JBL VRX 918SP
– 4 JBL VRX 932LAP
– Network Rack

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Along with a huge selection of Neutrik 3 Pin XLRs, 5 Pin XLRs, Ethercon Cables, 16A Cables, 16A Adapters and Distros.

We have created a MA3D and WYSIWYG Pre Vis suite to allow the lighting designer and programmer to pre-program, using our MA Lighting grandMA3 Light.

The grandMA3 light console is the work-horse of the range. It provides the perfect combination of power and physical size. The MA3 light console is suitable for all but the most demanding productions, making it probably the most versatile lighting console available.

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