Maintenance day for our Robe 600e Spots

Robe 600E Spots Testing & Demo

It’s maintenance day for our fleet of Robe 600e Spots.

It’s a highly reliable and versatile fixture which the industry has come to expect from Robe. The fixture is a lightweight spotlight that features a touch screen. It also features16-bit colour wheel control, and up to 16 changeable gobos both rotating and static. The Robe 600E spot is a well loved and highly used fixture hence making it perfect for nearly every situation thrown at it.

Check out the Product Info from the manufacturers themselves by clicking here or take a look at our other similar moving lights by clicking here!

As an industry loved company, Robe provides all its fixtures with the best parts and features possible, this includes a fully comprehensive touch screen display therefore allowing for ultimate menu navigation and testing. The 600e spot is a highly powerful spot with a massive 10° – 45° zoom range. The Robe 600e spot in addition is an ultra fast-moving fixture making it ideal for large and complex events.

Inputs and outputs of the Robe Robin 600e spot:

  • 3 pin DMX input
  • 3 pin DMX output
  • 5 pin DMX input
  • 5 pin DMX output
  • Ethernet input for Art-net control
  • 16V power input

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