New Stock – Ayrton Diablo-S!

New Stock - Ayrton Diablo-S 1

New Stock! We’ve added 18 Ayrton Diablo-S into our rental stock. They’re straight out the door, already proving to be an incredibly popular unit for the summer.

Ayrtons latest innovation, Diablo, is a versatile, feature-rich 300 W profile luminaire based on the ultra-compact Mistral format. The company has taken on the ambitious challenge of making Diablo the smallest, lightest and most efficient luminaire of its category. Alongside this it has a output of 19,000 lumens and a total weight of 21.8 kg. Diablo is a powerhouse of technology that will tempt the most demanding lighting designers. To achieve its objective, Ayrton has miniaturised the framing system while maximising the performance level.

As in other profile luminaires of the product line, the framing section allows accurate positioning of its four shutter blades on a 100% surface area in all positions. So that the user can frame any object regardless of the luminaires position. A new ultra-compact high-output 550 W power supply feeds eight additional motors in the framing system. DIABLO borrows the same 13-element proprietary optical system delivering a zoom range of 7 to 53.

Check out the Ayrton Diablo-S specification from the manufacturers themselves by clicking here or alternatively, take a look at our other moving fixtures by clicking here!

New Stock - Ayrton Diablo-S 2
New Stock - Ayrton Diablo-S 3

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